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Friday, July 6, 2007

Nursing Salary In Indonesia

Talking about salary is the one who want to looking a new job in any work background, way, because salary is indicated if we are working in a new job will be survive well or not. Every body moving from one job to another job most of the reason is Salary is not except Nurse. Most of Nurses travel to cross to other countries they are looking for the huge salary to increase the welfare Nurses condition. Nurses at the moment is the one job who get few earning compared with other profession job in the world and only in certain country. Nurses get more salary such as in USA, Middle East, Australia, Ireland, British and other countries rich countries.

Indonesia is development country so Nurses wages is few if compared with similar Diploma Degree or Bachelor Degree. It is made Indonesian Nurse felling disappointed when they work in many Health Provider and lately to cover daily living cost they do opportunities job and lately making Nurses Job quality is low. Indonesian Nurses background is many kind such as Nursing School (similar with senior high school and today is no anymore, exits in the past), Diploma III, BSN and Master of Nursing (few).

The Nursing Salary is variety and depend on Nursing Education Background for instance if nurses graduated from Diploma and working in Hospital the salary that they will receive is around between less than $100 till $200 including night allowance and other allowance, BSN (bachelor of Nursing) background you will receive around $180 till $300, Master of Nursing may be they will receive little high. If they are working in Academic as a lecturer they will getting little more depend on the Academic Economic. Nurses salary that they get may only enough for food and primer needed and for seconder needed may have to taking any loan.

Nursing Salary in Indonesia there is no hour standard from government or Ministry Of Health like in America, UK, Australia, Ireland, Holland, japan or Middle East. It is made most of Indonesian nurses travel to other countries which offered High Salary.


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There are lots of job openings for the persons with more knowledge, so try to acquire more knowledge by learning new things.


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