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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nursing Salary In China

China is a Asian Country which has population around 1.3 billion .In the huge of population China represent of the largest Human resources in the world and need more Public Health Care to giving Health Care services to their population demand. In order to fill out quote of health care services, China provide over 18.000 hospitals, 2 millions physicians and 1.3 millions registered nurses (RN). Even though China is still shortage of nursing employees based on its populations even though they have surplus Nurses sources as well as their populations caused lack of job opportunities and low of government budget for health care.

Low of government health care budget influence to the practitioner nurses salary. Nurses wages who work in China getting low salary around $200 if they work in small city but if they are working in big city like Beijing ,Shanghai ,can earn around $1000 American dollars (few). There is no fix standard salary hourly such as in America or even Australia. Nurses just get pay from each Hospital with the difference salary depend on the quality of hospital profile. If they are working in Private Hospital, they will get more salary than government hospital.

Surveys indicate that only 58 percent of Chinese RNs feel "relatively satisfied" or "satisfied" with their jobs (Sun and Yan 2001). Nurses who have working experiences 3-10 years get only $200 per month and nurses who had working experiences more than 15 years get pay only $300 monthly. As a result, many talented nurses, especially those with bachelor degrees, intend to switch occupations or work outside.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nursing Salaries In Malaysia

Are you nurses who want to looking for Nurses Job In Malaysia? Malaysia is ASIAN country who have Nurses Salary Little well if compared with other country such as Indonesia, Philippine. They Ministry Of Health Malaysia still welcome offer to Nurses who want to work in Malaysia. The Serawak Health Department offering to any Nurses who want work in Malaysia even you are Diploma or BSN. The salary standard in Ringgit (RM) so if we compare with dollar 1 Malaysian Ringgit(s) = 0.289402 US Dollar(s) or 1 US Dollar(s) = 3.4554 Malaysian Ringgit(s).

Live in Malaysia is comfortable, everything there is cheap, you will enjoy their nature and many good insight and view nature so you can use your free time for picnic or just walking around. In Malaysia most of people can use English language, Melayu and some Indonesia, so it's very well for Indonesian people who want work in Malaysia will not getting problem even you can speak English well, because most of people they know Indonesia Language.

Salary for Staff Nurse U29 (upon graduation)

1. Basic salary : RM1194.75 per month
2. Critical allowance : RM179.21 per month
3. Housing allowance : RM 135.00 per month
4. Regional allowance : RM 238.95 per month
5. Civil Service allowance : RM 115.00 per month
Total income per month: RM 1862.91 per month

Grade U 29

1. Minimum basic pay - P1 T6 RM1194.75 per month
2. Maximum basic pay - P3 T27 RM2781.06 per mon
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