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Monday, July 16, 2007

Nursing Salary In Australia

Australia is second thing for nurses who want to looking opportunities job after USA and UK. Many nurses still choose travel to Australia to find good chance for nurses career. Australia today still need more nurses to work in many Australia cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Newcastle and other cities.

Nurses in Australia is paid according to hours after graduation from Nursing College.
As per the NSW Nurses Award the NSW Public Health hospitals can only recognize maximum hours of 38 hours (full time) for any one given period (i.e periods of casual or part-time employment cannot overlap full-time employment over the same period).

Shift Allowances

Nurses who have working in afternoon or night shifts are paid percentages of their salary in addition to the ordinary rate, as follows:
  • afternoon shift commencing at 10.00 am and before 1.00 pm attracts an additional 10%
  • afternoon shift commencing at 1.00 pm and before 4.00 pm attracts an additional 12.5%
  • night shift commencing at 4.00 pm and before 4.00 am attracts an additional 15%
  • night shift commencing at 4.00 am and before 6.00 am attracts an additional 10%.
Employees whose ordinary working hours include work on a Saturday and/or Sunday are paid for ordinary working hours worked between midnight on Friday and midnight on Saturday at the rate of time and one half, and for ordinary hours worked between midnight on Saturday and midnight on Sunday at the rate of time and three quarters.

Positions available for RN's in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as rural/remote locations.
Here nursing salary scale according to hourly work time

Nursing Salary Scale
1st july 2006
Registered NurseAUD

Descriptionper hourper weekper year
1st Year$22,21$843,90$44033,50
2nd Year$23,42$889,90$46433,71
3rd Year$24,63$935,80$48828,71
4th Year$25,92$985,10$51401,11
5th Year$27,21$1033,90$5394742
6th Year$28,49$1082,70$56493,74
7th Year$29,96$1138,40$59400,08
8th Year$31,19$1185,20$61842,04
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nursing Salary In USA

USA is a big country that still main of Nurses destination to work in many hospitals and Health Care Providers. It's caused that USA offering best salary according to hourly payment. Nurses travel to USA including from Philippine, Australia, Ireland, Indonesia, UK, India, Pakistan, and so on.

USA government taking tax income from any employers even though with the best salary there, may you still able to survive. RNs staff Nurses who working in the United States average a median base salary of $41,642. Half of all US RN's are expected to earn between $38,792 and $44,869. Nearly 67% of nurses are employed in hospital inpatient and outpatient settings. 32% of all nurses are employed in medical offices and clinics, home health care agencies, nursing homes, temporary help agencies, academia, and government agencies.

Nurse3+ YearsStarting Base
Staff RN$44,200$37,000
Master Level$59,600$49,700

Average Annual Income By Hospital Setting

National Average$45,500
Acute Care$45,000
Ambulatory care Center/HMO$44,000
Case Management$48,000
Community/Home Health$44,600
Health Insurance Co/School$42,000
Nurse Manager$65,000
Extended Care/Psych$38,500
Physical Therapist$55,000
Physician's office$36,500
Speech Pathology$44,000
Operating Room$45,000

Average Hourly Pay By Specialty

SpecialtyAverage Hourly Pay
Critical Care$19,45

Average Hourly Pay By Hospital Bed Size

Bed SizeAverage Hourly Pay
500 Beds+$21,00
300-499 Beds$19,85
100-299 Beds$19,70

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nursing Salary In Kuwait

Kuwait is one in Middle East Country rich oil sources and currently developing in many sectors not exception in Health Care Provider. Many Hospitals in Kuwait have been established that means Kuwait need more nurses to be work in Government Hospital or Private. Kuwait still invite any Nurses from other country such as Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, India, America, British (few)because Kuwait Nursing sources is few so that way they still perform nursing exam to replace any nurses who have been taking resignation from Ministry Of Health (MOH) or other Private Hospital.

Kuwait still to the first destination Nurses from Asian, Africa, Gulf Country and few from Europe as the reason that the Salary is attractive and best serve good accommodation.

Nurses criteria which Kuwait require are as a following:
  • Diploma III or BSN with 2 years experiences minimum in Hospital.
  • Capable to speak and Write in English Language or Arabic(not preferably).
  • Pass the Exam who held by Nursing Kuwait Department
Salary, Benefits and Accommodation
  • They provided Hostel with full facilitates such furnitures, kitchen set, TV, and household set.
  • Free Transportation.
  • Salary starting KD300-KD500 ($900-$1500).
  • Yearly annual leave starting 35 days to 45 days.
  • Pilgrimage leave.
  • Oumra leave.
  • Payment leave.
  • Health Insurance
All facilitates provided for single only if you are go out from hostel as a reason bring your family and stay in private hostel, Ministry Of Health didn't cover it.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Nursing Salary In Indonesia

Talking about salary is the one who want to looking a new job in any work background, way, because salary is indicated if we are working in a new job will be survive well or not. Every body moving from one job to another job most of the reason is Salary is not except Nurse. Most of Nurses travel to cross to other countries they are looking for the huge salary to increase the welfare Nurses condition. Nurses at the moment is the one job who get few earning compared with other profession job in the world and only in certain country. Nurses get more salary such as in USA, Middle East, Australia, Ireland, British and other countries rich countries.

Indonesia is development country so Nurses wages is few if compared with similar Diploma Degree or Bachelor Degree. It is made Indonesian Nurse felling disappointed when they work in many Health Provider and lately to cover daily living cost they do opportunities job and lately making Nurses Job quality is low. Indonesian Nurses background is many kind such as Nursing School (similar with senior high school and today is no anymore, exits in the past), Diploma III, BSN and Master of Nursing (few).

The Nursing Salary is variety and depend on Nursing Education Background for instance if nurses graduated from Diploma and working in Hospital the salary that they will receive is around between less than $100 till $200 including night allowance and other allowance, BSN (bachelor of Nursing) background you will receive around $180 till $300, Master of Nursing may be they will receive little high. If they are working in Academic as a lecturer they will getting little more depend on the Academic Economic. Nurses salary that they get may only enough for food and primer needed and for seconder needed may have to taking any loan.

Nursing Salary in Indonesia there is no hour standard from government or Ministry Of Health like in America, UK, Australia, Ireland, Holland, japan or Middle East. It is made most of Indonesian nurses travel to other countries which offered High Salary.

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