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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nursing Salary Information In Japan

On August 2008 Nurses and caregiver from Indonesia have been leave Indonesia to Japan for agreement contract with Japan Government. They will posted in hospital and other health care with the good facilitate and salary starting 1525 till 1988 dollars till the number of good income for Nurses and Caregiver. Japan as now is still need more Nurses and caregiver to service for Japan community as causes shortage of own Japan Nurses and caregiver. Japan Economic Partnership Agreement that was signed with Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with Prime Minister's of Japan Mr.Shinzo Abe November 26, 2006 In Tokyo Japan was brought fresh air for Indonesia Nurse and Caregiver.

It,s Agreement will be continue with the first project pilot for Nurses and Caregiver who have been departed on August 2008 with total 400 employees. Even like that cost living in Japan is highest than other country so who every nurses or Caregiver please more save don't spend to much money if no necessary thing. If You want information How Live In Japan, Please visit the Japan Embassy , Just Click HERE , But for crude clear about living cost in Japan around 851 Dollars, but not fix its depend the location city or suburb, anyway you have be economic and save your money so you will be collect much money when you are end up of contract and congratulation to Nurses and Caregiver who already in Japan.

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